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Caring for your new home

Preventative protection all year round.

While modern building standards, materials, and technological advancements ensure that your new home will stand the test of time, it’s important to perform routine maintenance to help your home function as designed.

Here’s a basic overview of the types of seasonal maintenance you should be doing to keep your home humming.


Change air conditioning filters
Check dishwasher for leaks
Clean home siding
Care for outdoor furniture, decks, porches, etc.
Replace leaking shingles
Rotate ceiling fan counterclockwise


Clean gutters
Rake the lawn
Prune back plants
Store or cover outdoor furniture and appliances
Inspect air ducts
Replace smoke detector batteries


Check and seal drafty areas with caulk and weather stripping
Cover exposed pipes
Change furnace filters
Clean refrigerator coils
Clean chimney flue and fireplace
Rotate ceiling fan counterclockwise


Clean gutters
Wash windows
Fertilize lawn
Reseal cracks in the driveway and sidewalk
Service the air conditioning unit
Seal doors and windows

Looking for more detailed guidance?

Download our Homeowner Maintenance Manual—a reference guide to care for your new home.

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